Acacia Board & Spreader

The Acacia Board & Spreader Shells is a lovely kitchen and dining room functional board which chefs, hosts, and hostesses would find to be a practically functional fit for most of their culinary activities while invited guests, family members and colleagues would find it to be a perfectly suitable gift item to give to their invitee as a “thank you gesture”. It is made of 100% organic acacia wood material and premium quality metal material.

Packaged and prepped, the Acacia Board & Spreader Shells is ready for gifting to those chefs, family member and colleagues with a knack and inkling for cooking. Sold along with a spreader, the shell decorated spreader is packaged and attached to the handle of the wooden board using a black ribbon. Cleaning and storage of this board is so easy, simple, and space saving. All that needs be done after use is to clean the board with a clean, damp cloth. As for storage, the board comes pre-attached with polyurethane leather which can be used to hang it up on cabinets, shelves and kitchen walls.

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Material: Acacia Wood, Metal, Ribbon, Leather
Size: 15x32x1.6cm

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