Doorstop Pyramid Loop


Keep those doorways safe and those doors behaving just the way you would want them to with the help of this rush straw made doors top that is sturdy, weighty enough to grip any door and hugely helpful when the wind kicks in and creates chaos with doors banging shut. Built sturdily and shapes in such a way that it will sit well holding the door gripping the floor and not budging despite the door being stubborn and wilful!

While carrying the heavy shopping or the heaviest piece of furniture in, your doors need to be wide open and yet they tend to do become stubbornly obstructing your way by swinging shut just when you need them to be open-this is where this pyramid like doorstop can come in real handy. Made from rush straw that wraps around the shape of this accessory. It has the right weight and the size to make it most effective when windy conditions make doors slam shut or when you need to keep the door to the nursery slightly ajar or when that heavy chair has to be carried to the garden. There are so many reasons to love this neat little worker that stays well aligned to any décor. The handle on top make it easy to carry the doorstop to any door where it’s needed.

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Material: RUSH STRAW
Size: 18x18x28cm


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