Koh Oil Burner – Wisdom Colour


Size: 10cm x 12cm

Designed in Australia.

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An oil burner containing your favourite essential oil is a simple way to nurture yourself. Which benefit will you choose; meditating, relaxing or perhaps a chance to look for life’s deeper meaning? Being in nature is good for the soul, but it’s not always easy to escape to the wilderness.

Our beautiful Transcendence Oil Burners are perfect for meditation and contemplation. They inspire a sense of peace, harmony and universal protection. To transcend is to experience a spiritual awakening. To go deep within and beyond your ordinary limits. To find true abundance, and to be alive and aware. Light a lantern to tap into your inner wisdom and contemplate life’s deeper questions.

In many cultures, elephants are revered for their wisdom. During seasonal migrations, elephants are guided by their wisdom and connection to the earth. From wisdom comes an understanding of the delicate balance between the needs of humanity and the sustainability of the environment.


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