KOH Tea Towel – Wombat


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Size: 50cmx70cm

100% Cotton

Designed in Australia

In stock


It’s hard not to break out in smiles when viewing Anna Blatman’s vibrant artwork. The latest Koh Living collection combines the Melbournian artist’s unmistakable love of colour and our favourite national animals. Made from eco-friendly materials the range is perfect for picnicking or pairing with a delectable breakfast, elevating your affair to that of an art gallery.

The smile continues to grow knowing that part of the proceeds from each sale will go towards helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves

The wombat is that lovable hero found in many Aussie children´s story books. Tales about this cuddly marsupial leave many families with nostalgic memories. Despite its barrel-shaped body, stubby tail and short legs, the amazing wombat can still run up 40 km/hr when threatened.


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