LED – Byron Lighthouse


Featuring the look of a perfect harbour – here is that one lighthouse that could give your home the touch of magical coastline, the serenity of the ocean and the legends that surrounds this saviour of the sailors. Made from porcelain, it has this classic beauty that hints at fragility, yet the structure has been created in such a manner that its resemblance to the tower that saves the lives of many a crew and ship, can be seen in its tiny stature as well. The fine quality of porcelain makes it almost transparent enough to allow its light to be visible from the outside. This glow is what makes this such a covetable addition to your decor. About 18 cm in height, the maximum diameter of the tower is at 8 cm while it base is solid, well balanced and wide. The top is tapering where you can see the tiny little opening through which the inside of the lighthouse is visible. The base also has a tiny doorway. The almost real feel of this piece makes it magical in its impact. As if many a lore of the lighthouse were always true.

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