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Thrill to the excitement of reconstructing a space station and the space rover for exploration with Clementoni’s Mechanics Laboratory Explorer & Space Station Kit. This scientific kit explores the world of space engineering in a fascinating way, which will have budding scientists and fans of sci- fi absorbed.

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They will set to work building two dynamic model – a space rover for exploring mysterious planets and a space station. There’s plenty of material here including 130 interchangeable components. Among them are gears, cogs, bars and tires. The kit allows for experiments with motion transmission by constructing these models with functioning mechanisms.

Set out on a space mission with Mechanics Laboratory Explorer & Space Station.

Mechanics Laboratory Explorer & Space Station features:

Suitable for children 8 years and over.
Crafted from durable materials.
Lets you assemble 2 different models of a space rover and space station of varying difficulty.
Includes transmission elements including a transmission module, conical cogwheels and a differential cage.
Comes with more than 130 interchangeable components.
Includes a highly-detailed illustrated manual.
Download the free app onto your smartphone to access 3D interactive instructions.
Presented in a Clementoni box.

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