Sumaku Magnetic Construction Blocks – Set of 15


Sumaku Play Create Innovate – Basic Set 15 Pcs – Magnetic Construction Blocks Pack contains: 7 x Triangle pcs / 5 x Cube pcs / 1 x Hexagon pc / 2x Rectangle pcs

WHY SUMAKU? *Creative Thinking / Spacial Awareness / Cognitive Skills / Fine Motor Skills

Creative Thinking – Explore creativity in design through SUMARKU play. 3D modular construction helps children to develop abstract thinking, 3-demensional planning, perception and creativity.

Spacial Awareness – SUMAKU block play, develops children’s skills in special reasoning while exploring geometric shapes and sculptures

Cognitive Skills – Building with SUMAKU blocks is all about size, shapes, weight, leverage and balance. As children work this out, their building and block play will become more complex. As complexity increases, so does their concentration level.

Fine Motor Skills – Children love to reach, grab, push, pull and connect things. The invisible skill that makes this play successful is hand-eye coordination and SAMAKU proves the perfect way to practice this essential ability.

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