Ultimate Direction Insulated Body Bottle 500


The insulated Body Bottle is the easiest and lightest way to carry your fluids. Now with a new locking bite valve!

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The brand new Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500 Insulated lets you taste the water, not the bottle.
Plus it’s the one you have been waiting for!! Extra protection against that horrible hot hydration that we all HATE!

Ultimate Direction Body Bottles are now made with PEEVA!

What is PEEVA?
PEEVA is Ultimate Direction’s new proprietary laminate of polyethylene on the inside for clean taste, and EVA on the outside for structure and durability.
PEEVA is used in the new Body Bottle™ II 500, included with every Signature Series® 5.0 Vest and Vesta, and in the new 1.5 and 2L Reservoirs.

Better tasting water
Lighter weight
Same cost


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