Koda Nutrition – 45gm Energy Gels Various Flavours


KODA Energy Gels are smooth in consistency, great tasting, and high in energy. Designed to enter the bloodstream at lightning speed to help keep your active muscles energised and your mind on the job.


The KODA Energy Gels are made to closely resemble the consistency of chyme (chyme is the semi-fluid form that all solid food is converted into in the stomach during digestion). The energy gel enters the digestive system in a form the stomach already recognises, effectively minimising the energy required to metabolise it. An important consideration when you want every bit of energy to be utilised by the active muscles and not by the digestive system.

The KODA Energy Gel has been formulated to go down easily on its own or with a small amount of fluid with minimal sensory impact. The formulation is very clean, with a smooth consistency that doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth or cause irritation to the back of the throat, and without an unpleasant after taste. All crucial factors given emotions and senses are heightened when the heart rate is elevated.

With KODA Energy Gels you don’t get the spikes and crashes associated with sugar filled drinks.

Carbohydrates are what make our bodies tick and the natural reserves we carry can run out very quickly after periods of exertion, leading to fatigue and reduced performance. With KODA Energy Gels these carbohydrate reserves receive a “top up”, meaning your muscles and mind continue to perform at their peak – even after you’ve put yourself through your paces. Fuel your body. EAT THE PAIN™HASTA TESTED

To ensure athletes are confident that the supplements they use do not contain banned substances, the KODA Electrolyte Tablets & Gels are all third-party batch tested by HASTA. Certificates can be provided on request.

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Cappuccino, Cola, Lemon Lime, Mango Passion, Berry Banana, Cola Vanilla, Green Plum, Wild Berry


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